I am sure most of you are familiar with the young lady or old woman illusion.

Have you ever gone one step beyond to analyse the rationale for such images?

In other words, have you ever seriously challenged your own paradigm?

True to our mission to help people achieve workplace success, ACT avails you an opportunity to make a paradigm shift and inspire you to discover new possibilities in your professional development!

Come and be captivated by the facilitation skills of 6 of our best talents in Southeast Asia.

Our GAC teachers whom we hold in our highest esteem will leverage on a range of tools to deliver a 45-minute lesson adapted from the GAC curriculum: business, communication skills, math, psychology and science.

Our advice is to enrol into a demo class not of your forte and bring back to your classrooms fresh insights and practical strategies to enrich your teaching and learning.

Have fun and do not quit learning!

REGISTER HERE for the GAC Demo Class Presentation. Seats are limited !

Time Topic Topic Topic
2:00-3:00 PM George Kipens
"Visual Factorisation"
Eint Pyae Pyae Khin
"Behaviorism:Operant Conditioning"
Keith Tang Chu Kean
"Effective Management Practice"
3:30-4:30 PM Ms Su Myat Htet
"Active Listening"
Reynaldo Masanguid
"Differentiation - Rates of Change"
Imee Payumo
"Visual The Scientific Method"

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